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I ain’t going to mess you up with a tangle of tarted up food speak this week. Just a trusty description of what got made and what got eaten: The sandwich up above is a ‘torta milanesa’ and before you get your knickers in an authentic twist, this is my  London based version. So no […]

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The Good, the Badass and the Fugly

The Good: Food is magic. I’m not talking wizardry and sorcery, but talking about that magic moment when a dish comes together. You might have seen the plate of grits that I had in Charleston a few posts ago. They were the business, they charmed the pants off of me. I’m sure there are many […]

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The House of Un-Mexican Activities: Banana/Cheese Quesadillas

How do you like your quesadillas? Do you make them like the originals: corn tortillas, folded over and griddled, or do you have them more Tex-Mex style, usually flour tortillas, not folded over. My view is that they are both fine. Food knows no borders, as people migrate so does the way the food is […]

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