Trail Mix Tears


My apologies no posts have been attempted in the last few weeks. I had hoped to publish this one just before I left but crunch time arrived all too soon and the road ahead of me was long. Preparation for a cross country bike ride gave me little time to concentrate on anything else, but I’m back and my legs are rested. With no energy/exertion being put towards cycle training or route planning anymore, I can sit down and pleasure you with my newly discovered mix-bag of sweet n’ salty salvation.

I don’t know if you all dig trail mix, but I’m a fan. I love the inclusion of M&M’s(or a similar style chocolate) in the bag. It adds that sweet kick that gives you a quick boost before the nuts and other ingredients can slowly turns themselves into fuel for the fire. My main gripe are the raisins, they don’t agree with me. The easiest solution is to make your own mix. Switch it up as often as possible, make combos for your friends. Add their favourite fruit, nut or candy. When that last hill kicks your ass and your mind starts to play dirty tricks on you, a handful of this motivator will knock down that last hurdle and push you through to the finish line(ah cheesy motivational text, you gotta love it).

My bag contained: Cashew Nuts, dehydrated blueberries, M&Ms(chocolate), peanuts and the super serum ingredient– Pretzel Crunch: a combination of crushed pretzels, malt powder, sugar, milk powder and butter all baked together(recipe found in the Milk Bar cookbook). This gave the mix a salty sweet edge. Its presence over-shadowed the other players, not enough for them to lose their identities, but just enough to coax their flavours along. You are looking for contrasting textures and tastes, a chaotic dispersal of flavours should keep your brain occupied whilst your body recovers. Distraction and delight will drive you on.

Let me know what’s in your bag –“G.N.”

Check out the spotlight on some of my favourite B-Movie Buffet posts. They are a gas to write and I will try to do some new ones soon.

Let me know what you put in your bag


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