-Energy Bar Destroyer-


It has been many moons since I last wrote. The call of the open road road has kept me occupied. In three weeks I leave to cycle across Denmark and in to Sweden, so my legs have been knocking out the miles on my bike. When your only wearing tight ass spandex and keeping touring weight to a minimum your avante garde food requirements go out the window – it becomes a test of endurance. I can’t really fit a claymont hoagie in my jersey pocket and even then it would be a calamity to try eat it while on the move. Riding involves balancing your outtake of energy with your intake of energy, keeping a constant pace and arriving in one piece and not a depleted husk. This is where the protein/energy bar comes in hand; light and full of fuel, they can be eaten while still going at a fair old whack. These keep you sustained while you dream of that big hearty meal your gonna have that night at whatever inn or tavern you make it to.

As the years go by the quality and taste of these things has improved. Here are a few bars I’ve eaten recently….

mapleProtein Sport / Maple Peanut Crisp: moist compressed powder with a large granular crunch. I imagine a space alien designed this bar after being described the flavours ‘Maple and Peanut’ by word of mouth. You could have called this chocolate mars rock and I would have been more satisfied.

powerbarPowerbar/ Peanut Caramel: being made by Nestle it must have some candy bar merit. It’s missing a chocolate hit and tastes a little like a butterfinger. Not enough nuttiness. It says it’s scientifically designed, which fills me with confidence since it was not accidentally designed. Maybe it should have been.

muleMule Bar / Liquorice Allsports: a Bassett Allsort with a fennel seed bite. Last few chews will work your jaw muscles. A warm bar, good for a winter’s day ride. This has liquorice lovers written all over it – which is brave considering there can’t be that many out there. Long lasting flavour, so make sure you really like the taste of liquorice.

blueberryPure Protein / Blueberry Crumb Cake: Not many protein bars come with ooze. This gushes blueberry flavourings albeit a distorted version of a blueberry. It even has a crumb cake like texture as advertised on the wrapper. The yoghurt shell makes it a little cloying, but like any good energy bar, wash it down with a glug of water.

scimixSci-MX Protein Duo Bar / Caramel & Vanilla:  a ‘mallowy mouth feel, not so dense as the other bars. The chocolate cover doesn’t just dissolve, but cracks a little. This is the most sci-fi of bars, with the registered GRS-5 gradual release protein. I ride with determination knowing that my levels have been replenished and I’m ready to roll fast. I might have been hoodwinked by all the factoids, but I did survive a 75 mile ride on just this small packet of energy.

Keep them wheels turning –“G.N.”


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2 Comments on “-Energy Bar Destroyer-”

  1. May 15, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

    Great article kid Where can I get the Mule bar?


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