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Are you cooking with a clear and uncluttered mind? Have you tied up loose ends, looked through your notebooks, routed around in the fridge, made dead ends meet? Here are few things that I needed to tidy up.

These pancakes are a long time coming. The basic principals of pancake eating make it a priority to engage in a little porcine pleasure and bacon goes so well with many other things, but dates have to be my other favourite heavy hitting sweet n’ savoury combo. You put bananas in pancakes, chocolate chips in pancakes, so why not shoot to kill and put greatness inside of greatness? As the batter cooks, the dates melt and the bacon fat leaches out into the pancake, a first class exercise in the compression of two mighty age old pairings. For the sweet toothed amongst you, pour a little maple syrup on that situation.


You might have heard of ham and biscuits, well this is ham paste and biscuits.  Ham paste is on its way to being a paté of some kind but never quite made it.  It’s so simple to prepare and is easy to adapt to your taste. You need three things: cooked ham, your favourite chutney(mine was peach & apricot) and cream. In a food processor blend the ham and chutney in equal measures. The cream help smooth up the mix. You could spread it on crackers but my love for biscuits outshone any notion of it becoming a simple hors d’oeuvre.

In the cupboard I found a quatre épice mix I had made for seasoning some breakfast sausage some time back. This is a blend of white pepper, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon(yes it can be five things). It is sharp and bracing. Mixed with mayonnaise it becomes and milder smoothed out variant of its former self. The backbone and bite that turned this biscuit from a sloppy mess into a slightly upright dining experience was provided by the endless supply of bread and butter pickles that hangout in various jars dotted in and around the more transient items in the fridge.

It surprisingly does not just flop out on to your plate with a dejected splat. Although I would still recommend you keep a close eye on where you wave your biscuit. I know it looks a slight frightful but it tastes pretty damn delightful.

This post has been therapeutic, it felt as if I was clearing out the cobwebs of my culinary mind. So now this is your chance to make a cleansing dash towards your cupboard and pull out things you need to use up or checking your notes/cookbooks for that dish you have been meaning to make and haven’t quite got round to making.

Cleanse,Cook,Consume –“G.N.”


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