Lost & Found


This is the way it works. You venture off to Spain, you indulge in fine tasting things. Some time during the holiday you start picking up one or two hard to get items from the supermarket. In a small corner of wherever you are staying, slowly accumulating is an array of found objects – in my case all edible. The perishables you’ve bought go in the fridge and as always you forget at least one of those cooled items. Cursing yourself all the way home, you bide your time until you can be reacquainted with this exotic foodstuff.

Zurappa De Lomo is pork loin fried in lard then shredded and then topped with so said lard. But, this is not your average pot of pig drippings. This lard is seasoned with paprika and garlic. In Andulusia you would spread it on some toast for breakfast. I’m never one to go with tradition, so I used it as base fat to cook my shrimp in and made what in this household was considered the best breakfast shrimp to pass our mouth holes. Later I gave some carnitas a final loving kiss by frying them off in a happily bubbling cauldron of Zurappa.


Talking of those carnitas, they went in to a mean batch off nachos. I’m working on making the ultimate version, but I would say I’m not quite there yet. Although this concoction was a strong contender.  Homemade jalapeños, seasoned with garlic and thyme, perfumed the platter. The aforementioned carnitas were braised in a porter ale and then finished off in the lard. Which gave backbone to what can normally be a flaky, bland experience. You can tart nachos up as much as you like, but you should always include some key ingredients that will make it stand out. They have such a dubious background in authenticity, that you can’t really go wrong with whatever you put on there, as long as you think it tastes supreme.


And this final paragraph goes out to the missus, who made jars and jars of bread and butter pickles. While I’ll no doubt be in heaven as I massacre one jar after another, sliding them in to my ‘Misfit’ sandwich, the real victory is scoring large quantity of pickle juice. This perfect sweet puckering solution can be soaked up into squares of cornbread and will distinguish any woes that are trying to invade your fragile mind. You think I kid! Suck it up and see.
Also try it in dill stuffed pickle bread. The next mission will be to use it in a coleslaw, replacing the more orthodox vinegar.

“Pickle on Picklers”–G.N.



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2 Comments on “Lost & Found”

  1. Ellie Skross
    April 2, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    You are making me hungry!

    • April 2, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

      Cheers, and you used to make me so hungry when I knew that you were making pancakes and bacon on a Saturday morning!

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