Archive | April, 2013

Cook Your Mind

Are you cooking with a clear and uncluttered mind? Have you tied up loose ends, looked through your notebooks, routed around in the fridge, made dead ends meet? Here are few things that I needed to tidy up. These pancakes are a long time coming. The basic principals of pancake eating make it a priority […]

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Son of Frankenstein

Behold the Son of Frankenstein! Or……a minced lamb, shepherds pie base, simmered in a salsa verde and topped with some Charleston spoon bread. A mutation that crept from the very subconcious that blogged about other monstrosities in articles such as ‘Making a Monster’ or ‘Gobber Attack‘. This kaleidoscope of chaos did not start out as a […]

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Lost & Found

This is the way it works. You venture off to Spain, you indulge in fine tasting things. Some time during the holiday you start picking up one or two hard to get items from the supermarket. In a small corner of wherever you are staying, slowly accumulating is an array of found objects – in […]

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