I ain’t going to mess you up with a tangle of tarted up food speak this week. Just a trusty description of what got made and what got eaten:

The sandwich up above is a ‘torta milanesa’ and before you get your knickers in an authentic twist, this is my  London based version. So no banging on about you need to use this bread or real crema or whatever. My bread comes from a Turkish supermarket and is has the right dough to crust ratio, plus it has sesame seeds on it. I used turkey breast which I pounded down to 1/4 inch in thickness. It was floured, egged and crumbed before being fried in lard. I made a coriander aioli with a squeeze of lime juice in it. The extras were finely chopped lettuce, sliced avocados and red ripe slices of plum tomatoes. I snuck a few pickled jalapeños in for crunch/heat/souring purposes. After slipping the fried turkey onto the bottom side of the ‘wich, I sprinkled it with grated mozzarella and put it under the grill for a melt-off.  Just before the lid came down a hefty squirt of aioli was sprayed over the still exposed inner workings. “Use your hand to apply a little pressure, listen for the squelch and cut in half” – divide and conquer.


This is not an afterthought, but roast chicken in a peanut sauce, which felt like a super easy version of a more complex mole recipe. If you cut the ingredients in a regular mole by 2/3, then you end up with something a bit like this. It doesn’t have the intensity that layers of ingredients in a mole will expose your palate to, but it can unleash the more rustic charm of simplicity. The main players in this dish being: broiled tomatoes, toasted peanuts, chipotles and a basic roasted chicken. Break the chicken down, throw your favourite type of flesh into a corn tortilla, slather with peanut sauce, add a sprig of coriander and squeeze with lime……then eat!(smaller players in this dish: cinnamon,cloves,vinegar,peppercorns,garlic,onion)

Just like I said, bare bones basic– “G.N.”


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