“You want to do what? Peanut butter and kimchi? Yikes woman, that might just be too far out. Let me ask you something, are you pregnant?”

A reluctant no was the response, but what’s the weirdness here? The other day I had peanut butter combo in mind that made this cracker seem like a mild mind manifestation; a sandwich that involved thin slices of smoked duck breast, caramelized onions, peanut butter and chili jam. This was all pressed between two slices of light Polish rye bread, then brushed with olive oil and cooked ’til golden in a skillet.

This sandwich wasn’t plucked from my own mind funk, but a riff on a cashew nut version made at Bayona in New Orleans. I’ve been meaning to give it a bash for a longtime and the memory jog provided by the kimchi loving aspirations of my wife, gave the motivation I needed to produce this back-logged creation.

As a list of individual ingredients, they all had game winning potential, but combined they didn’t mesh into a unique and outstanding taste. It could have been the whole-nut peanut butter that when broken down by the heat of the skillet, loses its smokey brilliance. The chili jam could have been too sweet, when sided with the already sweet caramelized onions. It needed a contrasting note. A day later… and a zip-locked bag of kimchi sat all sour and full of lactic bite, fizzling and fermenting in the fridge.

The solution: Replace the chili jam with the all encompassing tongue twisting attack of the kimchi. Powerful enough to smash the candy jar elements, although not possessing enough gruff to completely extinguish all signs of sweet sentiment.

The outcome: Not only did the kimchi add contrast, but gave a crunch. A simple resistance that added tactile
pleasure(you can touch with your tongue, right?) to what was previously a submissive chew through.

The conclusion: Next time an even more intense pack of kimchi will be tested. A home made chili jam will be made and a different peanut butter will be used. The duck will stay the same–“G.N.”


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One Comment on “ARE YOU PREGNANT?”

  1. January 28, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

    I was kind of hoping the answer was a jubilant YES, because what better way to announce it to the world than through a post about a peanut butter kimchi sandwich!

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