Weekend Blues


The weekend is about relaxing and enjoying a good meal; breaking into a roasted pork bun at your favourite dim sum place; struggling to control squares of grilled water chestnut paste with chopsticks; filling yourselves with a bowl of congee or even gnawing at drunken chicken feet(check picture below). Sipping green tea and topping up your friend’s glass when you notice it’s empty. At some-point you get your sauces in a muddle and dip a custard crusted bun, with a pineapple filling into a murky chili oil – it burns like sweet hell.


Not feeling rushed, the week has worn you down, you’re off the clock and time needs to tick at a slower rate for the next 48. Day two of the weekend is all about the comfort of a home cooked meal. Loading up on a plateful of palate pleasing perfection. Fueling yourselves with a proper feed for the oncoming days, food planning can become an imbalanced ambition and the can opener creeps in as your best friend by the end of the week.


Cornbread is a sign of good fortune, gammon is protein and soothes muscles. Coleslaw provides a crisp respite. Red rice loads you up with carbs  – the  rising steam is captured in the refracted blue hue of our t.v. dinner, the last supper before Monday comes knocking.

My Point: The weekend, my friends is brief, so friggin’ enjoy it –“G.N.”



Categories: General, Sunday


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