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“You want to do what? Peanut butter and kimchi? Yikes woman, that might just be too far out. Let me ask you something, are you pregnant?” A reluctant no was the response, but what’s the weirdness here? The other day I had peanut butter combo in mind that made this cracker seem like a mild […]

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Weekend Blues

The weekend is about relaxing and enjoying a good meal; breaking into a roasted pork bun at your favourite dim sum place; struggling to control squares of grilled water chestnut paste with chopsticks; filling yourselves with a bowl of congee or even gnawing at drunken chicken feet(check picture below). Sipping green tea and topping up […]

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:.Golden Sunrice.:

What are you looking for when it comes down to that ultimate bite? It’s not an easy one to answer. Personally I don’t think it can be seperated into quantifiable elements. You can swing for the fences and a hit a homer, but most of the time you’re gonnah strike out. When it comes to […]

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