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Requiem for a Biscuit

Why did no-one slip me a biscuit while I was away? Not even one gravy soaked crumb passed my lips. I left longing, and landed back on home turf committed to the production of not one but two major biscuit constructions: 1. Mutton biscuits, the old dear slow cooked in red wine, with garlic and […]

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U.S. Invasion: Lower than Low

And the trip continues – I’m sure you all thought I’d given up on the U.S. Invasion, but rest assured this is the last one. We pick the story up, down in South Carolina, making our way from Charleston to Hilton Head. Here are my digestible observations in well proportioned doses. 1. Husk: We could […]

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++ Iron Breakfast ++

Another night shift and a brutal fatigue sets in. The body, the mind and the stomach need ritual pleasing. Pancakes are that pleasurable experience that can either go two ways – sweet or savory. If you read the last post which at some-point, I pontificate on finding that sweet spot, the one where the two […]

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