U.S. Invasion: Counter-Strike

This is the bounty blog post. A repose from writing about my latest exploits in the US. Especially since I have perishable goods sitting in the fridge distracting me from the next testimony of edible adventure. This is a two-fold story, a double dog delivery of sorts.

1. The pleasure of discovering something new, and utterly delicious is cause for more investigation. When I made a broccoli dressing for a family meal in Kansas City, not only did it outshine some of the other elements of the dinner, but it made me think of other applications for this pesto like number. The following morning it was put on the always delectable day old, cold pizza. The original recipe called for the dressing to be spooned over sautéed broccoli stems, but with this flexible recipe it was only a matter of time before it would be splattered on something else.

Sitting on the plane, watching the U.S. nation get smaller and smaller, I tried to figure out what to do with the pack of Sabrett frankfurters that were stored in the cargo hold below…..

Behold the broccoli dog on a steamed bun, lined on one-side with a dollop of mayo and a sprinkling of fried onions – on the other,that dashing broccoli dressing which is made up of roasted florets, shallots, sherry vinegar and lemon zest. To spark it up I added more lemon juice.  The hickory smoked sausage was earthed by the roasted green goodness and electrified by the acid bite of lemon and vinegar – all smoothed out by the mayo. The soft steamed bun just a carrier, a fully loaded patsy, quickly broken down by the piercing crunch from the fried onion. Mission one complete, this dog was a success. On to counter-strike part 2…..

The dog’s bite was cool and creamy. The finely chopped mango had been tossed with sugar and salt, creating salivating qualities; a splash of hot sauce given for inducing warmth. Topped with diced shallots soaked in fish sauce, the rich intensity of umami preserved fish taking the full bite away from the shallots. Fresh ground pepper leashes the wild dog. Yeah it sounds crazy, the idea of screwing around with this festive facilitator of fun, when mustard should be the only hero. But it’s  time to reverse engineer classics, to shoot down mimicry and plant the flag for culinary freedom! YEAH bold I’m sure, but why settle for run of the mill?

Mission Complete– “G.N.”


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