U.S. Invasion: Meat Vision

Kansas City and the surrounding area is BBQ country. With limited time, the tough decision on which barbecue place to go to was made and Oklahoma Joe’s was the chosen establishment,  here it is explored in meat vision……

Enter the meat mountain range and the peaks of buttered Texas toast. In the distance you can just about see the puckering pickle forests.

There is nothing better than a girl with nails tearing into some meat. Peeling away the crisp meat scab top layer revealed the glistening pleasure pieces that sat moist and at attention. The meat had perfect smoke harmony, salty gnarled tips and a woody end-game.

The brisket came in meaty ribbons flopped over one another. Even in such a thin sliced state they retained meat moisture. In the foreground, discs of sweet, mild smoked sausage are delight when they got dunked in Cowtown’s ‘Night of the Living Barbeque Sauce’. A sweet and spicy Kansas City style sauce, with an initial fruity burst,  followed by the smokey kick of chipotles.

You got to love a place that keeps it simple. Churning out what the people know and love. These are institutions where you’re gonna get what you came for. Where the smokehouse keeps on providing that reliable taste; the miracle where meat and smoke smother your senses and strokes your taste buds.

next up ‘Counter Insurgency’“G.N”

for more on meat smoke: https://thebrokenspork.com/2011/12/28/meat-smoke/


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