Making A Monster

Ahh man, a meatloaf sandwich, damn what a feat of engineering. A wonderfully arranged and colourful display of edible charisma. Or, a daft attempt at the most intensively made sandwich so far in the roster. I would call this a valiant effort; one that at some point got ahead of itself, in a race for gloried emulation. The components were there: deep fried pickled red onions, bacon wrapped seasoned meatloaf(pork/beef), a creamy mushroom sauce. Plus the add-ons: pomegranate seeds and parsley. But, the bread an important element was the first to let it down. A chewy crust and a unforgiving, resistant interior – so much in fact, it subdued the delicate crunch of the deep fried onions.

The mushroom sauce needed refinement, it had a unappealing rawness and looked a shade of grey that resembled wet cement. This, I feel is where lurks most of the work, as the sauce in a sandwich is an imperative. Other more minor let-downs were the pickled red onions which needed another hour to really get the sour juices flowing. The meatloaf itself was lacking any intense smokiness which it could have received if I had used better bacon(wrong place to save a few pennies).

Now back to the bread. A thinner, fresher crust is best and by toasting it, the interior can become a creative texture, not a defensive barrier. Every sandwich deserves the right kind of loaf, whether it be there for purely containment purposes or as an absorbent. Something that will capture all those juices and deliver that final taste compression of the amalgamated ingredients. You can loose a sandwich in your choice of bread, so pick wisely.  This sandwich can work, this will work. I will re-build this beautiful monster into something sensational to eat. Just give me time.

“Igor, fetch the bread.”-G.N.



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2 Comments on “Making A Monster”

  1. Natasha Avidan
    September 3, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    I want to eat this! Please make this for me next time I see you 🙂

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