Mexican Month: Guajillo Chilaquiles

It’s brunch time at the household and before we whip up some French toast or salmon cream cheese bagels, save a little thought for this most calming dish. You might have had chilaquiles before, either served in a salsa verde or a salsa roja. They are day old tortillas, cut into wedges and fried; quick stewed in a sauce until softened. Spooned into a deep plate with the salsa pooled around them. A drizzle of crema, a sprinkle of aged cheese,  some sliced onions and a flourish of coriander. The chewy tortillas, the warm sauce, the aged seduction of the cheese, the sting of onion and the herbacious hits of coriander. Elements that create an atmosphere of well being.

Using a guajillo salsa in place of the staple red or green variants, adds deeper, more undulating layers of warmth and piquancy. In my books, guajillos have a more earthy, mineral led flavour profile, almost hitting notes of pencil lead; why not? wine critics go wild with their descriptions. No matter what chile you use, you can really push the boat out on this basic dish and add a protein: some shredded chicken, an egg or even smoked fish. Have a look in your fridge and get your chilaquiles in the go.

This Mexican intervention was brought to you by –“G.N.”



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