“The Misfit”

Out on the street we were eating ‘The Geneva’, now home we eat ‘The Misfit’.

The last bus has dropped you off in your neighborhood, the walk back to your house is a painstaking step by step process through the late night deserted streets of your small town. The vacant sound, replaced by the ever growing moan of the insatiable stomach monster. ‘Fill the Void’ it hisses, ‘More sustenance’ it screams.

You gotta feed it before you entertain the sandman. A token gift for the nocturnal prince, wishing for sweet dreams and a healthy hangover the next morning.

In the early days of ‘The Misfit’s’ creation, it was a simple case of laying out some streaky bacon on the microwaveable grill, and waiting for that ping. They came out looking like crispy perfection. A few drops of tabasco were added to the mayo. It was spread liberally over toast and given a  grind of black pepper. Lettuce and sour Swiss pickles were added in the final compression.

When you’re pretty lit, it is  a fail  safe sandwich. Basic ingredients that took minimal prep work. Well this version here is the is the upgrade, a sandwich with a little more patience than a teenage squirt gun.

Streaky bacon from The Ginger Pig butchers, is dry and heavy on the smoke. The skin/rind still on, crisps up and makes for a little crackle in your bite. The pig juices meet up with a spicy emulsion – a homemade Valentina(hot sauce) aioli. You feel a legacy defining moment about to happen, then you’re sweet tinged and a little sour tanged by the curt bite of bread n’ butter pickles. Not to be excluded, the onion slice residuals that normally lurk orphaned in the pickle jar, are sprung free and placed in this rogues gallery of a sandwich. The insanely large bibb lettuce picked up organic and sustainable, was like a knight in shining green armour; honest and brave protecting the bread from a sandwich designed to destroy with its formidable arsenal of acid, oils and fats.

You have to treat this thing with respect. You have to treat any sandwich with respect. Make sure the ingredients are solid. Even better make some yourself. For example  the Valentina Aioli is a simple production: 3 egg yolks whipped with a slow drizzle from 1 and half cups of grapeseed oil. Fold in some minced garlic and a squeeze of one lime. Add Valentina hot sauce to your liking. Start with about half a cup. You will have enough to make an army of Misfits.(or use on other things)

Here we used bread and butter pickles. They are sweeter and fresher, with a wetter crunch, rather than the more traditional snap of older preserved pickles.  The more love and attention you take to make your meal, the more this translates into a tasty bite to eat. The flavour is in the detail.

Make sure you have one undeniably awesome ingredient, but make sure you have enough support for it. The other day I had a duck confit sandwich that fell flat on its ass because there was nothing else to it. The lightest slather of mustard and the most feeble amount of rocket. The ciabatta was too thick and the duck sandwich fell by the wayside as my thoughts went to what I was going to wash it down with.

Keep things moist, expressive, and a slight bit filthy.
Kinda like the ‘Misfit’.
be good- ‘G.N’


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