Right, I got a little distracted this weekend. I had lined up two riveting posts for you all this week, one to be posted today would have been the next installment of ‘Mexican Month‘(just wait a few more days). As I flipped all the pics from camera to computer, I realized that a serious amount of mad and intensive cooking had transpired over the last few days. Some intentionally for you guys to read about, and the other stuff, just a general kitchen freakout.

I now sit with two big bowls of hot sauce aioli; one made from Valentina and the other from Frank’s Red Hot. The Valentina aioli will rear its ugly head later in the week. As for the Frank’s aioli, it got dropped all over the picture above: Fried chicken biscuits with bread n’ butter pickles- sauced heavy and served with more chicken on the side. That’s parsley peeking out the side of the biscuit. A little bit of herb goes a long way in this mess of a dish.

I’m not sure I could have handled this without a little help from my friend. He was a real stand up kind of guy: surly and substantial; you know, someone with a lot of depth.

Victory: storm king stout

The fun didn’t stop there. The next night was another full  load of good times. Inspired by a taco travelogue article in Lucky Peach issue 4, Texas style beef tacos were created and consumed. Crunchy fried corn tortillas filled with the usual accoutrements: diced tomato, shredded lettuce, grated cheese, sour cream, …….
……..’Nah dude you guessed it leftover aioli was used, Frank’s and Valentina at some point, it got a little blurry.
Of course this included ground beef. But there is a magic touch to this dish, and that is in the application of the seasoning to the beef. Typically you throw in your herbs and spices with the beef as it browns. But, the trick here is to follow what I can only say is traditionally an Indian way of cooking, which is to heat the spices in the pan with oil before you toss in your onions, garlic and eventually the beef. Those herbs and spices come to life, hit the nose fragrant as can be, and are ready to uplift whatever you put in the pan next. Like I said, magic.

So, there it is. One mess of a dining experience. Hands were filthy, wet and sticky. Mouths had to be wiped, and great gasps of air had to be taken in, so as to regain a normal level respiratory comfort. It was a monster weekend for eating, and this is only the half of it. Tune in for the rest of the week as I attempt to feed you some more Spork Snacks!- “G.N.”


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