B-movie Buffet: Knightriders

  Spawned from an earlier outing to see “Hobo With a Shotgun” and enlivened by an intense bowl of noodles, I thought it was time to create my own dishes to go with a few hit flicks that stoked the bubbling cauldron of movies condemned to the mainstream masses shit-list. Dishes paired with the energy of the film- a taste of the action, a slurp of the sensational and a bite of the best B movies out there(or at least in my archive). Now there is great debate as to what makes a film a B movie. In my eyes it has to be a cult classic, something that was never a huge cinema hit, or in general was not highly regarded by the contemporary cinema going audience. Mainly a mixed bag of thrillers, sci-fi and horror, they are prized by a select awesome few. As the articles roll out you’ll get the idea.

The Movie: Knightriders

It was 1981, the summer days were hot and hazy. The tarmac shimmered in the sun. You felt a little dehydrated, but when that motorbike knocked you down, you could have sworn that there was a knight riding it. Don’t kid yourself, this movie is going present day medieval and you lucked out, that knight was for sure heading to a renaissance fayre, probably late for his joust-off. That’s right, knights on bikes.

A troupe of knights(on bikes) and other performers(not on bikes) re-enact their medieval way across the States. These mavericks try to live by an old set of rules. This brings them into direct conflict with the present day poisons of small town cops and corporate greed. But, I think the case here is more akin to the dichotomy of leading an alternative lifestyle rather than believing in a more just and fair social system. Lords, knights and anything in-between were still susceptible to greed, jealousy and all the other glorious human elements that keep us fighting and fucking.

Wow! That sounds heavy! I just wanna eat!

Ok, more importantly what do these noble and gallant medievals serve up to the masses at a renaissance fayre? Well, fairground stuff you know! Carny treats: spectacular corn dogs, deep fried and glistening in the afternoon sun. The cook used all his well traveled culinary knowledge to whip up this banner unifying snack. A wheel of Bavarian sausage. A dressing made from New world ingredients–Avocado, the technique classical French. The wholesome cornmeal batter pure pageantry and magic(buttermilk). The dressing sharp, the batter sweet, with a little sour kick from the buttermilk. The big smokey and salty bite you usually get from an all beef dog, is replaced here with a moist mildly season pork sausage that balances out the bold taste profiles from the other ingredients.

Merlin can conjure this treat up for me anytime“G.N.”



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