B-Movie Buffet: Red Dawn

  Spawned from an earlier outing to see “Hobo With a Shotgun” and enlivened by an intense bowl of noodles, I thought it was time to create my own dishes to go with a few hit flicks that stoked the bubbling cauldron of movies condemned to the mainstream masses shit-list. Dishes paired with the energy of the film- a taste of the action, a slurp of the sensational and a bite of the best B movies out there(or at least in my archive). Now there is great debate as to what makes a film a B movie. In my eyes it has to be a cult classic, something that was never a huge cinema hit, or in general was not highly regarded by the contemporary cinema going audience. Mainly a mixed bag of thrillers, sci-fi and horror, they are prized by a select awesome few. As the articles roll out you’ll get the idea.

The Movie: Red Dawn

Your dream has come true, no more high-school. Those crafty Ruskies have brought the cold war right to your front-door. They’ve rolled over your house with a tank, blown up your favourite arcade and replaced the star spangled banner with the hammer and sickle. What you going to do about it Yankee? Your going to get your teenage kicks by fighting back right? Arm yourself soldier, it’s time to become a man. Think about it, you get to go camping, shoot guns and maybe even smoke a few sneaky cigarettes. You’re a freedom fighter, a true patriot, so fuck yeah lock and load, it’s hunting season.

But, remember it’s all about survival. If you had time to raid the general store before heading to the hills then you probably grabbed a can of manwich. Well I know it tastes a little of home, but can’t replace the one mom makes, so here’s one I made whilst thinking of you all huddled round campfires, listening out for hushed Russian voices and the tell-tale snap of a twig underfoot.

A Veal Chipotle Sloppy Joe squared up nicely to the original all beef variety, the lean veal accepting the smoked chile and tomato sauce rather than opposing it. A melt of Red Leicester over the slop gave its nutty, annatto charm to the sweet sauced meat. The top half of a toasted brioche bun received a slick of mayonnaise and centred the meal in a bun.  A spare few slices of  homemade bread and butter pickles kept your palate refreshed and going back for another bite, so that you’ll be ready to fight another day.

Go Wolverines -“G.N.”

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