Mexican Month: Get Your Gordas!

In the cold cavernous device called the fridge, lurks many neglected food items.  And, as you move half-empty jars filled with different coloured liquids, you come across a dozen or so corn tortillas. A distant food memory of battered fish tacos floats across the back of your mind. The tortillas have hardened and are now perfect for being made into these little fried wonders. Green chile gordas, made with old blitzed tortillas, warm milk and roasted fresh poblanos. Blitzed with lard, served with crème fraîche, diced onions and lardons. They taste somewhere between these three things;  cool ranch doritos, flammeküeche(tarte flambée) and hush puppies.

They are also the herald for next months Mexican food mission. One month of blog posts on unfamiliar Mexican dishes, ones that you don’t normally get at a restaurant(especially in London). Of course there will be a few posts about other food related matters, but on the whole I’ll stick to the theme.

And on another note, if you haven’t been over to Spork London yet, there is a new Chinese Takeaway article to be enjoyed:




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