:Summer Holiday:

It is only June but my summer holiday is already a spent force. The only way for this occasion to be cemented into the creases of my memory, is for a little documentation of a time well spent down in Whitstable. As per it involves cooking and good-times.

Sitting outdoors admiring the sun and the mud flats is never complete without salsa.
The red a disappointing, expensive one from a high-end supermarket; the other a salsa verde made from scratch with tomatillos, coriander, green chile, white onion and garlic. Learn the lesson kids– fresh is best.

Whitstable is famous for oysters. Yes it is June, so the natives aren’t in season but these rock oysters do the trick and the Prosecco helps the bi-valves slip down nice and easy. Plus it’s hellah cheap picking them up at the harbour, so you can gorge.

Things take a turn for the interesting: Pinot Noir from Zurich, and a multi-culture meat and cheese adventure – Swedish bear salami and English/Swiss cheeses.

As the day becomes night, we move inside for some monkfish tacos. Beer battered with a chipotle cream, garnishes of coriander, red onion and vinegared Chinese cabbage, diced tomatoes. The newcomer to this dish was the inclusion of grated preserved lemons. A suckering bite of punch perfect precision.

Amongst the oh-so cuuute oyster shell tealights sat a plate of grilled reindeer. The team effort of resurrecting the depressed has-been bbq, made this magnificent meat all the more special.

A slice of coconut layer cake topped it all off, sweet and sentimental, a feast amongst family.

Remember keep your food close, but your family closer



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