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Mexican Month: Get Your Gordas!

In the cold cavernous device called the fridge, lurks many neglected food items.  And, as you move half-empty jars filled with different coloured liquids, you come across a dozen or so corn tortillas. A distant food memory of battered fish tacos floats across the back of your mind. The tortillas have hardened and are now […]

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:Summer Holiday:

It is only June but my summer holiday is already a spent force. The only way for this occasion to be cemented into the creases of my memory, is for a little documentation of a time well spent down in Whitstable. As per it involves cooking and good-times. Sitting outdoors admiring the sun and the […]

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Chinese Takeaway – Round 1: Yipin China

Spork London heads out on its Chinese Food Oddity – read on “G.N.” YIPIN CHINA– is supposed to be all about Hunan Cuisine. After doing some rough research these are some of the flavour profiles that we can look forward to: hot and sour, salty, smoky, fresh, not sweet. And so it begins…..We are dashing […]

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