B-Movie Buffet: The Incredible Melting Man

  Spawned from an earlier outing to see “Hobo With a Shotgun” and enlivened by an intense bowl of noodles, I thought it was time to create my own dishes to go with a few hit flicks that stoked the bubbling cauldron of movies condemned to the mainstream masses shit-list. Dishes paired with the energy of the film- a taste of the action, a slurp of the sensational and a bite of the best B movies out there(or at least in my archive). Now there is great debate as to what makes a film a B movie. In my eyes it has to be a cult classic, something that was never a huge cinema hit, or in general was not highly regarded by the contemporary cinema going audience. Mainly a mixed bag of thrillers, sci-fi and horror, they are prized by a select awesome few. As the articles roll out you’ll get the idea.

The Movie: The Incredible Melting Man

You look at a title of a movie and try to think if it reflects the energy of the movie. In this flick there is no question that the man is melting, but is he incredible? No, not really.  An astronaut exposed to radiation while on a mission to Saturn
somehow makes it back to earth(not explained). As we all know when exposed to space rays our body starts to melt. As expected our intrepid explorer freaks out and kills a nurse- as you do. Then he absconds from the hospital on a path to somewhere(a puddle of goop?). There are a few science bits where things are explained, there are bits where the melted one is humanized and other parts where it all becomes a little bit farcical. The special effects are done by Rick Baker, who in the era of hands-on monster make-up, was a king– expect body parts dropping off, done with exceeding style.

This is a cheesy movie, one that has a narrative that seems bodged together. True b-movie cred. A scientist at one point makes the comment that as he melts, he is becoming stronger. Yep that makes sense.  Another totally terrific theory is one where the same scientist concludes that he is consuming human flesh to slow the melting away of his body. the assumption science factor, my favourite. It makes about as much sense as me suggesting to eat a marvelous melting pizza pie. Molten cheese dripping off the slice, splooging all greasy and disgusting on your floor.  There is no harm in the cannibalization of your most loved pizza combination. Teeth tear through crust and not crush bones, leave that shtick for the movies. A suggestion would be to order a margherita, then jazz it up with your own toppings.  Here is an example: http://thebrokenspork.tumblr.com/post/14686468744/just-showing-some-franco-manca-pizza-a-little.
You need to keep things simple when watching a movie like this. Your eye’s stuck to the screen. Don’t complicate things with overly enthused dinning. No need for cutlery of any kind, one hand to guide your food, the other to cover your eyes in disgust!

Make you b-movie experience a comfort food experience!

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2 Comments on “B-Movie Buffet: The Incredible Melting Man”

  1. May 9, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    more fond memories….and yeah, pizza is the perfect match for this one!

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