-Bite My Biscuit-

The inevitable happened. After 10 years of marriage……my blender broke. I blame the Mexican sauces; guajillos, anchos, pasillas, all tough as old boots– wrapping their resilient sun-dried flesh around my blitzing blade till the strain became too much and he threw in the towel(yep my blender is a dude).

For 50 bones, I picked up a new blender. Not wanting to spend a fortune on something that I’m gonna bash about and basically treat with no respect. Sorry I’m not a masterchef, I would say I’m more of a chaos chef. Respect goes both ways, and kudos goes to the new blender for slicing my finger open while I cleaned the fresh unused blade.

First blood to him, and let it be heard that there will be more screams from me and groans from him in the future. But an initial low level traumatic blitz of a green goddess sauce proved to be a smooth performance by the blender and the start of beautiful relationship between man and machine.

Yeah, yeah, ramble, ramble, ramble, enough about the blender, right?

Those beauties in the picture above are: Baking powder biscuits with, Roast chicken, Bacon, Parmesan slivers, crispy baked chicken skin and that smooth ass Green goddess sauce.

A few notes on the oomph factor; added extra self-rising to the biscuits to make ’em rise just that little bit more and be just a touch fluffier. Plus a nice cut of lard went in there. The Green Goddess sauce is undeniably one of the most flavour popping dollops of goodness going. There are many variations on the basic: anchovy fillets, tarragon, chives, parsley, mayo, tarragon vinegar, garlic, scallions. I added avocado, but look at a few versions online and make your own decisions.

Damnit I’ve just made myself hungry, look out for more biscuit dishes coming your way soon, I’ve got to go eat something, and.. oh yeah beware of your blender it is out to get you. “G.N.”


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