Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em

Mothering Sunday has past, and before the remnants of this day pass over into Easter fever, I just wanted to drop a little respect to the Mums and Moms out there. In our household, at the top of the tasty treats list, is a dish that we always looked forward to mum cooking- Pizza Swirls. From what I recollect, the recipe originated from a Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook. Therefore I always assumed that they were some-kind of Australian delicacy(please enlighten me, if need be). Here to share the love, I’m going to have a stab at being a recipe writer. This ain’t my bag but for the sake of Mum here we go. Just don’t expect precise measurements and cooking times, let’s go with the flow.

Pizza Swirl Recipe

Ingredients: Whatever you like! You’ve had a pizza before, just choose your favourite toppings. Mum’s note: keep the toppings to a minimum and not too chunky because it will fall apart pretty easily. My note: Don’t always listen to your mother. Experiment to breaking point and start over if need be. In the picture above the toppings were: mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, caramalized onions and tomato pizza sauce from a can. The other day I did a sage and sausage pizza swirl with mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. As for the dough, you can either buy already made pizza dough or if you have the time and I recommend this- make your own. It will be infinitely better.
Here is a link if you need a recipe for the dough:

Ok, with a few nifty illustrations I’ll go through the steps to making these swirls of glory…

1. Preheat your oven to 220ºC- nice and hot. Roll out your dough on baking paper into the most rectangular shape your rolling skills can form. If you can see through your dough at any point it’s way too thin. Aim for a thickness of 4-5mm. Now Spread your toppings with blind abandon(choose to ignore Mum’s sage advice at will).

2. Use the strategically placed baking paper to tuck n’ roll the pizza lengthways. Easy does it, take your time!

3. If you have mastered the last step and are looking at a long pizza roll, go ahead and cut it up into 5cm slices. On a baking tray lined with baking paper, place these uncooked swirls on their sides(cut-side down) with enough room to grow and not join forces(about 5cm). Slam them in the preheated oven on the middle shelf. Hit the clock for ten minutes……… When the buzzer goes, take a look, you might need to give them a few more minutes if they don’t have any sauce leakage, erupted cheese or look dormant. Let them cool a bit, then share them out and shovel them in.

With the name Pizza Swirls, you might go a little Italian when coming up with toppings, but remember they might actually be an Australian dish, so don’t get bogged down in post-modern culinary authenticity. I think I’m gonna chuck in some cheddar and jalapeños next time. Maybe they should just be called swirls?

Anyhoo, Love to Mum, “G.N.”


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