-Mexico meet Spain-

This is the most right a picture can be. Number 1, you will see in the background my beer of choice now stocked in my local supermarket – this siptastic tasting beer is called Punk IPA by Brewdog(as previously seen here and can be drunk in mass quantities here).  In the foreground is a colourful flour tortilla(handmade notice dough encrusted fingers)  filled with the Machacado con Huevos. What now? That would be scrambled eggs and shredded beef jerky. In this case though the eggs are from a duck, the beef is cecina(from Spain): salted, cured and air dried slivers of beef and the flour tortilla recipe came from Robert Rodriguez, film director of such classics as El Mariachi and Sin City; which if you have the dvd, the tortilla recipe can be found in the extra features section. The addition of baking powder adds a little fluffiness to the tortilla and almost makes it into a taco biscuit, which mind you is not a bad thing and I’ll work my damnedest to turn that into a fully functioning dish soon.

In the meantime enjoy the pic, also tucked in that taco are diced onions, garlic and roasted chili’s. Remember what’s under the hood counts just as much as what’s on the surface.

Happy Cooking  “G.N.”


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