Super Chicken Bowl Wing

Spork Live Report:

Superbowl XLVI is down to the last 9 minutes in the 4th quarter. The Patriots lead the Giants by two points, 17-15.  The drinking games(choose your poison) have taken their toll:

1. Drink if your team get a touchdown
2. ”     ”  for gratiuitous violence
3.  ”     ” for an interception
4. ”     ” if helmet comes off
5. ”     ” for awesome touchdown dancing
6.  ”     “obvious profanity
7.  ”     ” quarterback sack
8. ”     ” opposing team fumbles

Then the fun part, make up rules as you go along. So right now it’s drink if  someone has a double-barreled name.

Triple fried chicken wings with charred scallion sour cream and hot sauce; heat blended with pomegranate syrup. Cooked up at half-time as Madonna ran through a rendition of all her classics ,,,,,,,,,,,,, fuck that was a catch. 38 yard catch by the Giants, coach’s challenge, the decision complete- go Giants. Phewww, I wipe the beer from my brow.

Triple frying chicken wings, is a long process that involves frying then freezing and repeating the process. But what you end up with is a super-crisp chicken wing and moist insides. Then it is up to you to choose your dip of choice. Yeah…….. Touchdown Giants, 21-17 .

The clock is down to 57 seconds in the 4th quarter. The chicken wings are long gone. Charred scallion sour cream is by far the tastiest dip you could ever put on your wing, but remember to sprinkle smoked sea salt in there to really hit the upper echelon of your taste-buds.

9 seconds on the clock, this is “G.N.” singing off from Superbowl 46, remember treat your chicken wings right and ignore any grammar/spelling errors in this post, the drinking games are in full effect.



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One Comment on “Super Chicken Bowl Wing”

  1. February 6, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    the Giants may have won the game…but those wings sound like the real champs

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