Beach Bum

This is a coastal breeze, this is the wind blowing sand down the beach.
Little sparrows sitting on rocks outside a chiringuito, waiting for tidbits of bread.
This is sipping a cool caña while the sun blasts light onto a shimmering sea.

This is the smell of grilled sardines fresh from a sand and charcoal fire pit built inside a small wooden boat. The sweet taste of coquinas, pilling up on your plate like discarded shell butterflies. Still firm fried boquerones, heavy on the salt, eaten whole and good for your soul. This is, sea grubbed oysters on the verge of being rusty hulls, or a fried rosado, still floppy and flaky under a thick batter – dipped in noxious garlic fumed aioli. This is a roasted pepper salad, silken, smokey and round with swelled flavours, juices soaked up with hard on the outside, soft on the inside bread rolls.

Here is to what comes from the sea, to what rolls up on our shores, to what we cook, eat and serve. Here is to the people we eat with, and to the ones that couldn’t make it. Here is to having a good time at ‘El Sardina

“G.N.” Malaga 2011



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