Girl X had put the pan on the boil,
He sat at the table, boy Y had lucked out, a girl was cooking for him.
She sprinkled salt into the now bubbling water.
Love lust eyes, registering hungry only when being told to eat.
A sucker for love, a crush of garlic in the water.

Girl X had her quirks but cooking was not one of them.
Dried pasta, brittle like the boy’s love struck heart-heated through by an 8-10 minute simmer.
The conversation, lighthearted.

Girl X grating parmesan and reaching for the olive oil in the cupboard.
Boy Y, confused, he was a tangled forkful of tagliatelle; it was ‘al dente’, but he didn’t know any better, he wanted it soft-mushy. There was no give, only take, selfish, his meal was for one.

Girl X didn’t watch him eat, didn’t stare at him, didn’t flutter her eyelashes. No, she washed the dishes, cleaned and dried the grater, put the cheese away. Ungrateful little boys with cheesy grins, lick their plates and ask for more.

Girl X had nothing left to give.



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One Comment on “Pasta-Romance-Rejection”

  1. Natasha
    September 15, 2011 at 7:24 pm #


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