Wed Food Special Returns

Ok, the midweek food specials are back to a Wednesday.
I will try keep it that way, but who knows. Could be on a Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri…..
Ah Heck, you get the point.
Enjoy “G.N.”

1. This dude is awesome, makes cooking a dish a real hoot.

2. There is something iconic about coffee rings: it is the most beautiful of stains.

3. I wish I still ate tacos that crunched.

4. A moments thought for your waiter/waitress.

5.  Eating waffles just got that, little bit more exciting.

Oh yeah, before I go, have another burger review….

Hunt for an Honest Burger continues

Whilst walking around Brixton Market, a truly Honest Burger was found…….

Everything about this place breaths new world order(not the Ronald Reagan bullshit), but a place where real people have tried to build their own identities. Through produce, attitude and delivery.  From the reclaimed wood that has been sawn, hammered and nailed into tables and counter fronts. This is a bare bones brigade production. Here the product is at the forefront. Horns mounted on a featureless wall give a simple nod to what we are about to receive, amen.

The burger brought out, sat in a shroud of butchers paper, accompanied by a batch of rosemary seasoned home fries. The tell tale slide of enamel against the smooth grain of a homemade table, made the ritual devouring of another burger that much more endearing. After the first bite, the bun split, stress tears, weakened by a combination of pleasurable juice extractions and structural decisions. A red onion relish,  stalwart of the British burger condiment regime, moreish, and not overly sweet and sticky like most versions served up. The onions provided the glide, the bacon rigidity, and the mild cheddar schmoozed all over the parade. Wondrous brown meat stains left on the white fluffed interior of my glossy puffed bun kept the action vivid throughout.

The course Ginger Pig sourced beef gave way without much of a fight- which is the way it should be. The sneakily hidden, low lying pickles of the rear guard lay under the meat, crunching with just a little pressure.  Keeping calm and carrying on; the smart move of incorporating a wet ingredient on top and one down below, provided an emergency supply of moistness incase the battle tank of beef dried up. Fortunately this was not the case and the patty held out till the end. The final intake, the beef quick to crumble and the victory was theirs.

This very British burger, survived my blitzkrieg bop of an attack valiantly.  There is a burger for every occasion, if you want a Yankee burger melt, don’t come here. If you want an exceptional well balanced, composed bit of new Blighty, make your way to this establishment. This is the new frontline, the flagpole has been placed, the proper British burger has been born.

by Greg Nay

Honest Burgers
Unit 12, Brixton Village, SW9 8PR
Tel: 07739182955



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One Comment on “Wed Food Special Returns”

  1. September 1, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    hey man, my bro was in panama city for the waffle house rampage…full circle…

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