Mid-Week Snack

Amazing, on time midweek news from around the food buzzin’ net.

1. When I was kicking about as a kid, watching prerecorded Saturday morning cartoons from the States, the one stand out commercial between all the shows, were the ones
for ‘Eggo Waffles‘. The frozen waffles are treated like gold dust, only the smartest/sneakiest kid would get the gold, get to eat the spoils of his trivial teenage battles.  Whenever in the States, I chance at the opportunity to toast a few of these up.
Whilst my young self’s, cartoon and candy saturated mind powers through the general cardboard blandness off these things, my adult taste mature self tells me to get a life.
I am hoping these waffles will bridge the gap.

2.  Carrying on with sweet thrills and the nights when you dream of edible U.F.O’s.

3. London has been a little hardcore of late, but it’s good to know that when eating out in the ‘big smoke’, the restaurant staff have got your back.

4. Do you remember this guy? Much love if you do.

5. Regular soda pop is for chumps. If you want to get in with the cool kids, you better get
a can of this.


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One Comment on “Mid-Week Snack”

  1. August 10, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    another walk through the good, the weird and the ugly. Thanks.

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