Hold The Press! New Eating Technique Discovered.

Oh yes, a revolutionary new way of eating came about the other day while out for a bite to
eat at a pop-up Yatai(read more) in Brick Lane, London. They were serving Kushiage, which in my simple understanding translates as “Fried Skewers”.  Whereas the sauces for these skewers would usually be served in little dishes, here they came in squeeze bottles.
The normal observance of good manners were thrown out the window in the time it took me to work out how much fun wielding large quantities of tasty condiments could be.
Etiquette would leave you to squirt the required amount of sauce on your food before
returning the bottle to the table. Well in this case, I never let go, a deathgrip that did
not release until that particular skewer was devoured. Just point, shoot, eat and then repeat. A constant stream of food lube, all the different flavours leaving an amalgamated mess on your plate, providing the ultimate in last dip rights. Don’t look down at your pants, because you will not be pleased. Feeling a little dirty, ask the waitress for some wet wipes.

Watching this unabashed food frenzy, the powers that be soon asked me to relinquish my collection of sauces and pass them on to the other customers. Spoil sports…
When you have a chance, give it go, and remember, try be a little more accurate than me or at least bring a change of clothes.

Have fun “G.N.”(instructions below)


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One Comment on “Hold The Press! New Eating Technique Discovered.”

  1. Natasha
    August 9, 2011 at 9:16 am #

    Your words are delicious and making me hungry!!

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