B-Movie Buffet

A spray of blood, a splatter of noodles, this is B-Movie Buffet.

My malty Hanoi Beer  puts a squash on the graphic blood n’ guts I have just witnessed on the big screen. Watch some grindhouse and you need a beer to wash away the gore. Movie? “Hobo with a Shotgun” if your wondering…

The Saigon Sate Venison Pho warmed my belly, the meat poached, had the pallid almost rubbery visual consistency of a fake body part. The warm broth spiked with chili re-ignited burnt out brain waves caused by the celluloid extravaganza. Now reflective, I imagine this dish consumed during the flick; heat, broth and noodle magic. Endorphins kicking your butt into a frenzy, the movie all chopped limbs, grime and saturation, an accelerant. The blood boils, you’re alert, the beer, cold and frothy. This keeps you on the simmer. The John Carpenter-esque music setting the pace. The villains wind you up. Cheer for the hero, Hobo(Rutger Hauer). He is a ham but of the tastiest variety, he is the dissolved ‘Toung Den'(fermented bean paste) in your broth, providing character and boldness to everything.

Keep adding to your noodle soup and it takes on more flavour. You could keep re-birthing your broth all day, a squeeze of lime, more stock, chilli, meat. I guess it was lucky I saw the movie beforehand. The broth now murky, the movie just seen, lurid. Would you have a blast if you hadn’t grown up on the good/bad shit from the 80’s and 90’s? Want a whacked out storyline, over the top characters, baddies in raybans and college jackets? In Hobo look out for obscene death sequences, obnoxious punks, a hooker and two heavies who call themselves ‘The Plague’. Watch as the downtrodden, fed up citizens get mashed up in multiple ways by the evil madball maniacs. Wait for that Hobo to get his shotgun and blast his way through the rough and tumble.

The screen lit my lids, splatter-core hits like my noodle liquid does all across the table, messy and good fun. You got to be engaged by it all, activated by the situation, both the movie and food possess this kind of magic, this sensual awareness. You wouldn’t get the same thing from a kick in the balls and a cheeseburger.



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3 Comments on “B-Movie Buffet”

  1. July 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    I don’t know…the Canadian was a bit strong for my liking…


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