Midweek Food Specials

Another collection of food related shenanigans……

1. I am sure you all knew that it was Natto Day on the 10th of July. Of course you did, because we all love lashings and lashings of ultra sticky fermented soy beans.

2. Is Brooklyn a load of tired out old wank? Not when there’s people in the borough that will pickle anything. Brooklyn Brine

3. Simple maths: Bloody Mary + Beer = wicked good times

4.  So, the latest posts on The Broken Spork have been focused on U.S. food culture in England. Well in Israel you can actually eat America.

5.  If hanging out under a flyover is your cup of tea, then head over to Hackney in London for a brew at the Folly.

And finally, a big announcement.  The totals have been tallied and the final amount raised for ‘Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research’ is
Thank you to everybody that donated. If you did not have a chance to chip in some money to the cause, you can always go directly to their site http://www.beatbloodcancers.org/

Thanks again,



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One Comment on “Midweek Food Specials”

  1. Nat
    July 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Love it and Congratulations on the amount you raised for LLR. That is pretty awesome!!

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