The Would-be King

Artist and fellow eager eater Tyson Skross, hits up a place that is said to be a New York institution, but does that actually means its any good? Sometimes all you need for a food fix is just round the corner…..

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So I went to the Met this morning, walked around all the ages of art, worked up a good hunger.  Off to Papaya King. I knew it was going to be crazy there but I forgot to do my research beforehand to make sure I got the ‘original’ but I figured it would be prominently displayed…nope. They have a variety of dogs and franks to choose from and a multitude of toppings but nothing that really screams out that it is their original. I went with the classic frank with raw onion and relish and a ‘beefinator’ unfortunately as the server impatiently informed me, they “don’t do those anymore”…ok… so i got another ‘signature’ dog that I can’t remember the name of, it had chili, coleslaw and onions and I also of course got the famous papaya drink.

The frank with the onion and relish was great, snappy skin, on a fresh classic bun and the onion and relish turned out to be an excellent combo, each element holding hands with the next in a merry dance…I finished it in 4 bites. The slaw and chili dog was the one I was really looking forward to, a combination that I always love and after the relish dog I had high hopes. It was kind of meh to be honest. I think the slaw was a bit too tangy for my taste (too much vinegar?) and the heaping mound of raw onion that worked so well to counterbalance the sweetness of the relish only added to the sweet acid taste, and the paltry amount of chili did nothing to even out the flavour…oh well, but it was still decent, just after the first one it was a bit of a letdown. Next time I will definitely try out the Ny onions (stewed, I believe, in a tomato sauce) and do the relish with onions again. I would also go for the curly fries  ( wanted to savour the full on dogginess this time, no salty asides) It ain’t no gourmet dog shack but it is a workhorse of every typical hotdog option and variety.

So what about the papaya drink?
The originator, the first of all the papaya/frankfurter combinators, boasting health, fertility and vitamins? Well I have to admit I am not a huge fan of papaya to begin with, and this is it, pure unadulterated (maybe sweetened a little) papaya juice. So it wasn’t for me, it had a kind of creamy aftertaste that reminded me of sour milk, so I sucked down about half of it and ended up, regrettably, tossing the rest. I know that there are people out there who would probably give their left arm to have one but it surely isn’t me…

So that is that. I let feeling like it would be a great place to live down the street for, but I doubt I’ll be trekking all the way up there from brooklyn just for a dog anytime soon. Its tough in a city where you can get amazing quality on many street corners, and since the papaya didn’t float my boat I was left wanting in the end.

As an aside, we got a carnitas torta and some chicken and beef tacos from this bodega around the corner from our house….they were amazing, the torta…out of this world, carnitas, queso fresca, avocado, tomato, beans and canned jalapenos all on a fresh white roll. Delicious, from a bodega no less, and cheap too!! The tacos were also good. On corn tortillas, served with a little cilantro and onion on top and garnished with lime wedges and house-made green salsa on the side, they were fresh tasting, not too salty and the salsa was outta this world. Definitely a place to become a regular lunch spot!

OK I’m spent after writing that, need to try to get into the studio here today.
Talk to you later,


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