Here is a little ditty that I wrote after another fantastic meal with my Dad

Dining out with pops, always an adventure,
Tag team eating, a father and son double act.
Drinks ordered, the food conference begins,
Kidneys suggested, “Son, they taste like urine.”
“Dad, I love you but no.”
The debate rages, the waiter returns,
“Two more minutes,.……one more minute.”
Decisions made, the finer points of life discussed.
Dishes served, lusting eyes observed,
Brief silence before initial reactions registered,
One grunt for good, two grunts for bad.
Plates shared or forks swapped,
An engaging shrug or enthusiastic nod.
Another drink,
hunkering down, food polished off.
Dessert to be eaten only if satisfied by the meal,
An unwritten rule.
Quiet reflection and coffee taken.
The next place to go already agreed upon,
The bill split, on with our coats.
Fine food and fine company,
The door opens, but never closes.


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One Comment on “F-Day”

  1. Nat
    June 27, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    Love it! This one needs to be framed!

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