The Ride, part 2

The first day is the toughest. Worst case scenarios play themselves out in your head. The bed is that much more comfortable. The road long, fear of the unknown. Pushing yourself physically. You have to kick these negatives, get those miles under your belt. Enjoy what you see, what you experience and what you eat.

Outside of Bilbao the clouds sat heavy on the mountain range I had to scale, rain looking like a definite. This kept me in synch with the first day blues. The gears on the bike had a mini freakout. A tweaking of gear combos worked,and halfway through the day the Sun poked out lightening the mood.

Lunch at 13:15 consisted of bread and chorizo, a piece of fruit and a re-application of suntan lotion. Blasting downhill on the other side of the mountains made up for the general plod of the uphill effort. 50 clicks to Burgos and only farm land and rolling hills to tackle.

A protein bar, my sweet bit of science candy, kept the legs pumping efficiently
for the final roll into Burgos at 17:30. Cool down stretch and a shower to get the gooey mixture of writhing bugs and suntan lotion off. Refreshed and ready to eat. 95 miles today and thrilled with completing day one, the appetite had been built up during the ride, each town hopefully providing something new.

El Restaurante Mesón del Cid, an old printing press house, low ceilings, wooden beams and the waitress dressed traditionally. A little gulp of tourist trap was caught in my throat, wine was ordered to wash it down. There is a risk, but trying the local wine is a must. The Valdevegoñ, made in a monastery, tasted like the sweaty palms of a bell ringing monks hands. Drink this red with a stiff upper lip.

I ordered the Burgos special menu and the first dish was the Sopa Doña Jimena. A viscous brew, were those glistening fat particles that parted ways for a brick red solution? I have later heard this is supposed to be a garlic soup with bread and egg, but it sure had a little more funk
than that. Check out the pic and you can decide.

Moriclla de Burgos, blood sausage filled with rice. Marvellous big chunks simply served on a plate. What a pleasure to have at the source. Thats my protein supply upped for the ride, blood,iron, muscles rejuvenating.

The main, a leg of a baby lamb, so very young 4-6 weeks. Not lamb as you see it in the supermarkets. This was no frills, no sides, just eat the goddamn meat. Lamb fat sizzled skin, chewy with no crunch. The meat, pungent like wet hay. My eager appetite taking a kicking, the new wine, a crianza with a solid track record providing much needed support. Did I sweat this much while riding?

Grandpa’s Dessert(Postre del Abuelo), the final dish on the Burgos burnout special came in the pretty normal  cheese, walnuts and honey setup. Here the queso was fresh and bland, i.e. ‘the cheese that wasn’t there’.

Done in and not sure if I was knackered from the ride or the meal, I stumbled off to bed.



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One Comment on “The Ride, part 2”

  1. Nat
    May 20, 2011 at 10:55 pm #

    So great to read words from your journey. Can’t wait for the rest!

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