Label Sucka


2008 Charles Smith Wines "Boom Boom!" Syrah-Washington


Yeah I’m a label sucker. Give me a bottle of wine with a hand screen-printed image and my wine receptors are already at work.  I marvel at seductive imagery that lures me in, leads me to uncork that bottle of uncertainty, project positive branded liquid vibrations on a libation that could be crud or could deliver. It is a simple equation that works most times. If a winery puts a serious amount of effort into their labels they must also put an equal amount into their wine.

I mean , these guys(pictured left) put a cartoon bomb on their grape juice. Their wine must be explosive. The label is telling me to relax have fun, enjoy, get your drink on. Normally i’m pretty bad at people telling me what to do, but strangely I have no issues with taking orders from labels.

As the taste of a wine or the opinion of somebody are theirs alone, you create your palate, you load it with reference points, mood boards and sensual boosters.

Claret splashed across the cerebral, I will enjoy this illustrated add-on as the spiritual embodiment of the drink. A nudge in the right direction from the creators, a crate of the wine under the artists work-bench, everybody happy, the customer slightly sloshed.

Why not let the mind create part of the flavour, we grasp for adjectives and nouns to describe the taste, we reference things that are not actually in the wine. We use them because there are no are actual words to describe what we are tasting.

So I taste label and it tastes good.


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2 Comments on “Label Sucka”

  1. April 6, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    glad to know that i am not the only sucka for labels. Great post!


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    […] I am still a label sucka. This time at Brewdog Camden (Source: Share […]

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