Taste the Power

This is my secret place, a little eatery that I am keeping all to myself. You will never be recommended to go here by me but I might take you there.
A hint? Paul Bocuse trained chef cooking in a foreign land, tucked away in a package holiday hotel. That’s it, I have said enough. All my guilty pleasure is fading as I imagine you creeping around hotel lobbies searching for the heavy wooden door at the end of the hall.

They say to know a secret is a privilege or that knowledge is power.  I’m grabbing that little bit of power, I’m keeping a secret and it turns me on.  I let that notion elevate the ritual of eating a meal here. If I don’t’ tell anyone where it is, they cannot reign on my parade. Tear me down, tear the place down. You feel invulnerable, the sweetest taste is your own opinion and I’m having my just desserts.



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One Comment on “Taste the Power”

  1. March 24, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    ok so read this…was really intrigued….starting doing something else to distract myself from wondering where it was….then came back to look at the photo again….it is killing me!

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