Archive | February, 2011

Ode to the Postman

Saturday morning delivery and the Postman’s stomach grumbles. Nothing more vicious than when you walk up to a house that is cooking bacon, the smell that makes you weak with desire, not just for the slab of porcine goodness but for the whole package. The Saturday morning bliss, the wake-up coffee, maybe turn the heating […]

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Think ’em up write ’em down

If you have noticed to the right hand side of the page is a list of dishes I at some point will make.  Some I have seen somewhere others just pop into my head. If anybody wants to try them out or has made something similar let me know. The latest vision is: Chipotle Sauced […]

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and so it begins…

Welcome to the Broken Spork, a blog created to observe,report and ramble about food culture. Sometimes in fine slightly posturing prose, on other occasions in clipped dribble dialogue.  With food as fascinating as words and vice versa you are in for some thrills and spills. There will be many sections unfolding within this blog and […]

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